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    Yorkshire’s hair is more straight, wavy, dense and fine. The texture of the hair is silky and smooth. The length of the body hair is moderate. We can often see the dogs’ hair mopping the ground and the golden hair hanging from the face.
    It takes a lot of time and special technology to keep Yorkshire’s coat smooth and glossy.
    Need tools: Hard bristle brush, medium wide tooth comb, needle comb.
    Beauty points: Long hair needs professional care:
    1. Brush hair, if necessary, use with nodule device and nodule cream to avoid pulling hair hard
    2. Trim the dog’s toenails, clean the ears and teeth
    3. Remove the extra ear hair in the ears
    4. To protect the hair quality, use appropriate bath Shampoo, with conditioner to increase the quality of hair
    5. When drying, comb with a needle continuously until it is completely dried
    6. Spray conditioner, comb the whole body hair with a bristle brush
    7. Repair the part 1 / 2 away from the ear tip, and repair the ear edge with scissors neatly
    8. Pet dogs can trim the whole body according to the dress of Lady dogs and lambs, and owners can also trim the dog into the shape of chenariel
    9. The hair of participating dogs should be often protected For the long hair, nutrition oil should be used and the long hair should be wrapped up to prevent the hair from breaking and help to grow the long hair with bright color.

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