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    Providing a quiet sleeping environment for dogs to have a good sleep is very good for their health, and it will also bring convenience to our life. No one wants to sleep well in the middle of the night, but the dog suddenly runs and barks there, which not only affects ourselves, but also our neighbors. Improve the sleeping environment and sleeping habits of dogs. Some dogs can’t sleep because they need the owner’s company. We can put a clock nearby to make it tick rhythmically. You can also turn on the radio, turn down the volume, and help the dog sleep. If it’s cold, prepare a blanket to keep it warm. Some dogs don’t sleep well because they don’t do any energy consuming activities during the day, so their energy is still very strong, so they don’t want to sleep very much. So we should make sure that the dog has enough exercise. The amount of exercise depends on the dog’s type, age and health level.
    1. According to these conditions, we can make a dog’s exercise plan. However, it’s better not to do strenuous activities one or two hours before going to bed, which is harmful to the dog’s health. Follow a regular evening routine. Give him dinner a few hours before going to bed so that he has enough time to digest and excrete. Try to keep it in a good mood and calm one hour before going to bed, so as to prepare for sleeping at night. If the dog is over anxious, the owner tries to appease the dog and play with him for a while. In addition, the sleeping place of dogs should be as quiet as possible. Dogs are very sensitive animals, and they have excellent hearing. Most of the time, dogs are in a light sleep state, so the noise is very easy to disturb the dogs. Consume your dog’s energy properly.
    2. See if your dog has any sleep problems. Think about whether other problems interrupt your dog’s sleep. Maybe there’s a reason why dogs can’t sleep well. For example, whether there is noise outside, whether the dog has health problems, etc. Some dogs are more likely to be anxious and patient, think from the dog’s point of view, and then make corresponding changes. Determine if the dog has a disease. The dog is older, always quiet and satisfied, but suddenly he doesn’t sleep well. Confirm whether the dog is ill. Some diseases will cause greater pain. If the dog has unexplained behavior changes (appetite, energy, ability to move freely, etc.), take the dog to check in time. Pain or the need to excrete outside the house in the middle of the night will make the dog whine and restless at night.
    And it is a normal problem for the puppy who just got home. It may take several days for the puppy to adapt to the new environment slowly, so don’t worry too much. Make basic rules from the beginning to make sure the dog has good work and rest. Help the dog understand the bedtime ritual in his new home. Feed at the same time every evening, and then do a good job of excretion. It’s better not to put the dog in the same room with yourself.
    Some owners will go to see what happened to the dog as soon as they hear the noise. If you make sure your dog is healthy, it’s better to ignore them when they are barking. Can let the dog develop the habit of sleeping in a cage from childhood, so that the dog will not run at night. Provide clothes or toys with the owner’s smell, so that the dog can feel at ease.

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