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    When refering to the treatment of dog hair, many people may say that I often help my dog comb his hair! But is the so-called grooming really right? If you are not sure, following will show to comb your dog’s hair correctly and scientifically.

    First, let’s see what’s the benefit of grooming. Dogs need to change their hair in spring and autumn. At this time, a lot of hair will fall off. A large number of desquamation will attach to a variety of indoor objects and people, which will affect indoor health. If eaten by dogs by mistake, it will also affect the digestion of dogs. Therefore, you should comb your dog’s coat frequently, not only once when you think of it, but also to form a habit, which can not only remove the fallen dirt and dust from the coat, prevent the tangle of the coat, but also promote blood circulation, enhance skin resistance and relieve fatigue.

    Second, how to properly groom the dog’s hair. The order of grooming should start from the neck, from front to back, from top to bottom, from the neck to the shoulder, then to the back, chest, waist, abdomen, back, then to the body, then to the head, finally to the limbs and tail, and then to the other side after combing.

    1. When combing, special combing articles shall be used instead of human comb. The use method of comb is: hold the back of comb by hand, swing the wrist, comb horizontally, and use the comb with coarse teeth, middle teeth and fine teeth alternately. The comb with coarse teeth first straightens the direction of the hair, the comb with medium teeth opens the hair, and the comb with fine teeth cleans the dead hair.

    2. Comb along the order of hair growth, from front to back, from top to bottom. When combing, the action should be gentle. When meeting the knot, comb it patiently and carefully. Don’t pull it hard. It will cause the dog pain and hate combing. When combing the sensitive part of the dog (such as the external genitalia), you should be more careful and pacify the pet at the same time.

    3. Pay attention to the dog’s skin when combing. If there are scab, alopecia areata, pimple, suppuration and other symptoms, they should be avoided and treated in time.

    4. In case of hair knot, comb from the tip of the hair, slowly comb to the root, and comb the knot open; if it is dead knot, pimple, and hard felt, carefully cut off the knot, and then comb.

    5. If the dog’s hair is thick and it is difficult to comb through the comb, it can be combed separately layer by layer. First, comb the coat, then open it and comb the undercoat, and finally comb uniformly.

    6. For dogs with serious tangle of fine hairs (bottom hairs), the hospital of big mouth dog pet store reminded that they should comb along the growth direction of the hair with a comb or wire brush, starting from the tip of the hair and then combing to the root of the hair, point by point. They should not be forced to comb and pull, so as to avoid pain and pull off the hair. If the rolling felt is serious, you can use scissors to cut the felt along the direction of the hair dry, and then comb it. If you still can’t comb it, you can cut off the part with felt. After the new hair grows gradually, you can comb and form the habit of often combing the dog’s hair. It’s not only to get rid of the trouble brought by the dog’s hair dropping, but also to comb the pet’s hair, which has more benefits to pet itself.

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