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    We all know that obesity will not only bring a lot of inconveniences to dogs’ lives, but also lead to heart disease, high blood pressure and other problems. Many breeders also try to help their dogs lose weight, but they fail, so how to effectively help dogs lose weight has become a problem we need to pay attention to.

    1. Reduce calories. How many calories should you eat every day? The simplest and rudest way to calculate it is now 70% of the calories per day. For cats, do not use too much force, it is easy to become fatty liver. The number of calories in snacks should also be included, and the number of calories in snacks should not exceed 10% of the daily total. Snacks should be counted by one.

    2. Eating less and eating more! Each meal is smaller, the interval is shorter, and it is not so easy to starve. Put an end to begging behavior.

    3. What food do you feed? General pet food if excessive restrictions on daily use may cause malnutrition, muscle loss oh. Diet food on the market will increase the proportion of nutrients to calories prescription diet food can reduce calories without reducing the amount of food, pets feel fuller.

    4. Speed of weight loss: 1-2% weight loss per week is the most scientific. Weight loss per week should not be more than 3%.

    5. Increase activity. Dogs increase outdoor sports. Toys like “play hard to get food” are also good choices To help dogs lose weight, the owner is a key factor, many owners tend to lose weight in the process of center soft, resulting in a failure. So the owner can’t see the dog lose weight hard and give up halfway, which will only harm the dog.

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