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    To lose weight for the dog can’t be blind, we need to use the right method.
    Make a weight-loss plan and eat weight-loss food:

    1. The way to reduce calorie intake by feeding “weight-loss feed” is to reduce diet, or only eat vegetables, fruits and vegetables, but this kind of oppressive weight-loss method cannot be implemented on dogs, because for dogs, “eat” is a kind of nature, although people can control their eating habits through willpower But the dog can’t reduce the amount of food to lose weight; if he can’t follow the normal amount of food, the dog will feel hungry, he can’t suppress the hunger himself, the desire to eat will become stronger and stronger, forcing him to constantly search around, looking for any food to eat, nothing to let go, the result is worse! So, when dogs lose weight, the most important thing is that they can’t change the amount of food, but they can feed diet prescriptions. The particle size of diet feed is no different from that of general feed, but the cellulose in these feeds increases, which makes the dog feel full, but the calories are not so high. Therefore, the diet of diet formula can maintain the dog’s appetite, but reduce his calories, so as to make the dog lose weight. In addition, do not think it is pitiful, so soft hearted, and give too much snacks, resulting in the increase of heat absorption.

    2. The selected feeding plan should be implemented for at least two weeks, and then further reduce the feed according to the effect. The dog’s weight-loss program is 12-14 weeks in which the amount of calories fed per day is equivalent to 40% of the target weight. Divide the food into two or three small parts every day. This can reduce hunger and make every meal fully consumed. 2. Exercise to lose weight, form the habit of walking regular exercise, and increase the heat consumption. In order to make the dog lose weight smoothly, we should increase his heat consumption, and give the dog regular exercise time every day, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss. For small dogs, there should be a 20 minute walk in the morning and evening when the body condition is stable; for large dogs, there should be two 30-40 minutes of regular walk every day, which can improve the heat consumption and increase physical strength through exercise.

    3. Regularly weighing dogs should carefully follow the implementation process of pet weight loss plan. Weigh once a week, preferably at the same time of the day and using the same scale. Use a time coordinate chart to show the weight changes, which will enhance your confidence and motivation. Pay attention to the pet’s expression and touch the fat layer in the body regularly. Consult your veterinarian regularly to determine if you need to modify your weight loss plan.

    4. Pay attention to the dog’s environment and psychology from environment to psychology, so that the dog has no chance to get fat and avoid obesity. In addition to correct diet and regular exercise, pay attention to the environment and psychological factors the dog is in, so that although you strictly implement the weight loss plan, he still has a way to find a chance to take advantage of it, eat fast and completely uncontrolled! If you have more than 2 or 3 dogs, when feeding, you must carefully identify whether the food is eaten by the same dog or shared by all of you? Because when raising 2 or 3 dogs at the same time, there must be a dog who is more robust and plays the role of “head”. When eating, this dog is likely to bully other dogs, rush to eat and eat more. When you don’t pay attention, he will eat twice or even three times the amount! So when feeding, we should pay attention to the appearance of “food bully”. Help the veterinarian to help the dog lose weight. Therefore, when it’s necessary to lose weight for your dog, you should consult your veterinarian, carefully calculate the amount of calories your dog should take every day, strictly implement the weight-loss plan, persevere, and the dog’s obesity can be controlled.
    5. Prevent repeated obesity. Once your pet reaches the target weight, pay attention to maintaining the ideal weight. For dogs prone to obesity, it’s best to feed brand food and pay attention to weight, so as to find the most appropriate food. Don’t go back to overfeeding, adjust your diet to your activity. Generally speaking, in the process of helping the dog lose weight, the owner should arrange the dog’s diet and exercise in a planned way, weigh the dog regularly, take the dog out to enjoy the Yang pass more often, be sure to have confidence in himself and the dog, and believe that with the help of the owner, the dog will complete the weight-loss plan with great cooperation.

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