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    Usually, most dogs are optimistic when they go out for more activities, and most of the dogs we meet are also lively. However, some dogs are timid and unwilling to communicate because of stress. There is even anxiety.
    1. Play the game of finding food. Spend some time to hide some snacks in the corner of the home. Through some guidance, lead the dog to find the first ration in the simple to complex way, and give him some appropriate praise after finding food under the guidance of the dog. The purpose of this game is not to make the dog full, but to motivate the dog to exercise through food, so as to forget the worry temporarily.
    2. Visual stimulation can show dogs interested TV programs, CDs, or a balcony that can see out of the window. As for watching TV, dogs’ eyes are much sharper than ours, so they will be interested in TV programs with high screen refresh rate.
    3. Exercise is also a good way to reduce stress. There are many sports suitable for dogs, such as walking, chasing, swimming, playing frisbee and so on. It should be noted that the dog’s abilities, needs and interests need to be taken into account when choosing the right project for the dog. It’s not too late for a new owner to start slowing down and wait until the dog gets used to it.
    4. Social decompression. Dogs are stressed, and social interaction in peace is seldom related. Dogs are gregarious animals. It is inevitable that they will be lonely when they are alone for a long time. Moreover, if they are not allowed to contact with other dogs for a long time, their social ability will become very poor. You may be afraid of other strange dogs. The more lonely you are, the more pressure you will have. Social interaction is essential when introducing dogs to each other. The host needs to consider the following factors when introducing: first of all, the place where they first meet and greet each other should be unfamiliar with each other, so as to avoid territorial disputes and damage the first impression. Every dog should be accompanied by the owner and should hold the dog rope. Longer dog ropes give them more space and freedom to introduce each other. Dogs also learn from each other when they are together. Dogs can learn how to communicate by observing the behavior of other dogs. Of course, some dogs prefer the owner’s company to playing with other dogs. Let’s spend more time. For example, some dogs are nervous when they are just together with others. In this case, dog park is not a good place for them. You can invite your friends or neighbors to play at home. Let them first in a relatively safe home, slowly contact strangers, so as to reduce the pressure of strangers on them.
    5. Give some encouragement. Every dog needs the encouragement of the owner. The dog likes the praise and encouragement of the owner very much. Dogs are relaxed when they see us smiling or showing gentleness to them. Our positive praise is the most effective way to relieve your dog’s stress. We can also massage the dog properly, so as to achieve the effect of relaxing the body and mind, which will be greatly improved on a regular basis.

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