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    The resistance of puppies in the months before birth is very low. Once the resistance is low, they will be infected with various diseases, such as diarrhea, canine distemper, etc. once they are infected with the virus in this period, the puppies are easy to die. How to increase the resistance of puppies is a deep knowledge. How to increase the resistance of puppies?

    After the one month, the dog’s resistance is not perfect, but the mother dog is tired of frequent feeding and no longer fed, so the nutrition source from the mother dog is cut off, and can only rely on the nutrition from the food we give. However, the nutrition in the daily food can only meet the daily nutritional needs of puppies. For weak or defective puppies, appropriate nutritional supplements are very important, such as nutritional cream, and pet goat milk powder for puppies.

    1. Generally speaking, the dog food specially tailored for puppies should be selected. You can also make your own dog food to supplement your nutrition.

    2. Vaccinate the dog before the vaccine system is established. Choosing the right food can help the puppies to stimulate their own immunity so as to pass the immune vacuum period safely.

    3. The dog baby needs sufficient nutrition, and the normal dog food can not fully meet the nutrition of the dog baby’s daily development. Through additional nutrition supplement, you can choose the nutrition cream, which can supplement the daily vitamins, trace amounts and so on.

    The immunity of puppies is easy to be destroyed. When puppies are young, try not to make them sick, or they will lay a foundation for the body, and it will be difficult to adjust the body when they grow up. To sum up, the two points are that the vaccine should be given on time, and the daily nutrition should be supplemented, so that the dog will not have any major problems.

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