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    In winter, the temperature drops suddenly. How to help the Papillon dog to survive the winter? This is a concern of many parents. In winter, we should pay attention to help the Papillon dog dog keep warm and warm, and resist the invasion of disease.

    You can move the kennel to the place with sunny and leeward wind, and hang a curtain at the entrance of the kennel to prevent cold wind from entering. The mattress should be thicker, and should be frequently changed and exposed to the sun to keep dry. To prevent the invasion of cold wind, close the North window, open the window properly in sunny days, keep the air in the kennel clean and fresh, and prevent the occurrence of respiratory diseases.

    In winter, we must do a good job of dog’s cold prevention in advance to avoid the occurrence of a cold in the Papillon dog. In this season, we should also pay attention to increasing the outdoor sports of the Papillon dog, and let them bask in the sun more often. Basking in the sun can not only warm them, but also the ultraviolet rays in the sun have the effect of detoxifying bacteria, so that the Papillon dogs can spend the winter healthily.

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