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    Try changing food to improve your dog’s appetite. There are only two situations: being picky about food or being sick. If it’s a problem caused by pickiness, first of all, we should pay attention to whether it’s because the dog food doesn’t meet the dog’s taste. Try to change several kinds of dog food, and choose the dog food that the dog likes and has relatively balanced nutrition. If the disease causes the unwillingness to eat, first try to feed the dog, and then take the dog to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. Only when the disease is relieved, can the problem be fundamentally solved.

    First of all, if it’s not caused by disease, it’s mostly caused by bad behavior or inappetence. To correct this behavior, the owner should take a tough attitude when necessary. When necessary, the dog should also be hungry for several meals, so that when he really feels hungry, maybe he can start to eat.

    Secondly, there are other ways to stimulate the appetite of dogs. Take some mutton slices, beef and pork and mix them evenly with dog food after they are cooked, so that it can see that it can eat more dog food on the face of meat. It’s not good to try this move. The dog always swallows all of them in one go, and the intention is still unfinished, and the goal is achieved. Meet the ancient spirit of the dog, may mix dog food to choose meat foam to eat, but according to observation, more or less or by the way to eat a lot of dog food.

    However, this method should be used properly, so as not to let dogs develop the habit of always liking meat. It should also be noted that dogs should be allowed to eat when it is hot as much as possible. Because the water content in the meat is high, the dog food will be softened after a long time. It’s OK for puppies, but they don’t like it for adult dogs. In addition, generally speaking, dogs who are picky about food will suffer from malnutrition. They can mix some milk powder with dog food, or put some glucose into dog food, which can not only supplement nutrition, but also improve the taste of dog food. This can not only improve the dog’s bad habit of picking food, but also add some nutrients, which is more conducive to the healthy growth of the dog babies.

    If it’s a disease that leads to poor appetite, then the treatment of disease is the fundamental problem. Secondly, many dog friends like to give dogs a brand of dog food for a long time, and they don’t change their taste, so it’s easy for dogs to choose food. Let’s imagine that people eat a food for a long time, even if it’s a delicacy of mountain delicacies, it’s easy to get bored, just like dogs.

    Advice to you: change a new dog food for your dog every long time, but you need to pay attention to the first choice of dog food with good reputation. In addition, you need to pay attention to the process of changing it slowly. You can’t change all the previous dog food at once, so as not to cause discomfort to your dog’s intestines. In addition, dogs do not eat food and gastrointestinal quality has a lot to do with. In particular, dyspepsia and chronic gastroenteritis can make dogs lose their appetite. By giving dogs probiotics for a long time, it can help to regulate the intestinal flora of dogs, so as to promote their appetite. In addition, probiotic dogs can be used to mix yogurt, feeding together, more conducive to promoting digestion. Finally, it should be noted that parasites can also cause dogs to lose appetite. It is also necessary to check whether dogs have parasites. First of all, it should be noted to ease the cleaning, ventilation and dryness, often help dogs to comb their hair, regularly use the bath gel with insecticidal ingredients, less take dogs to play in the grass, do not contact sick dogs, and regularly spray safe insecticides at home. As for the parasites in the body, they need to be treated with anthelmintics.

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