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    Regularly manicure the nails of dogs. The first place dogs touch objects is usually their mouth. Basically, they are interested in something. They want to bite it. When the dog comes to the molar stage, he will look for something to chew, so as to relieve the discomfort caused by tooth replacement. In addition, if it is caused by habit problems, it is necessary to train them in time to improve this problem. It is the most natural thing for dogs to chew and scratch, because they will use this method to explore the surrounding environment, especially the dogs who are adapting to the new environment or are too lonely for a long time, and they will use the action of biting or digging to express their inner thoughts and hopes. In addition to the purpose of exploration, dogs can also scratch objects to wear their nails, and the same way, they can use biting to relieve the discomfort caused by tooth replacement.
    For dogs, these problems can be improved for cats, it is difficult to change the habit of scratching, so we can only provide cat claw board and other tools to replace it. But for dogs, as long as their nails are trimmed in time, the problem of random scratching can be better improved.

    How to train dogs?
    1. Guide dogs carefully and step by step. When dogs are ready to grasp and bite furniture, they can give out orders to stop moving or biting. This sound will make dogs slightly frightened and stop breaking. Then give criticism in time. If the dog still obeys the command better when he stops drinking next time, give a reward.
    2. Praise and reward dogs if there is improvement. When dogs are getting used to the fact that they can’t do damage to furniture, they are mainly given praise and small rewards, so as to guide them to establish good living habits.
    3. Use spray to prevent dogs from biting. If there is not much improvement after a period of training, spray some odorous liquid on the furniture. Dogs are more sensitive to irritating smells, which can prevent dogs from biting furniture and objects. During tooth replacement, provide a molar stick.

    How to improve it?
    1. Regularly manicure dogs. Many owners dare not help their dogs to cut their nails, because most dogs are reluctant, and some owners cut their nails bleeding in the process of Manicure cutting, and they dare not cut their nails again. In fact, these problems are quite normal. Some dogs’ fingernails are black, so they can’t see the blood line basically, so it’s quite easy to cut the bleeding, but it doesn’t matter. As long as you stop them with hemostatic powder in time, there won’t be any problem.
    2. Provide the molar bar. The dog will chew shoes, furniture and other items during tooth change. At this time, it’s not necessary to prevent the dog from biting, just replace it with a molar stick or a large pig bone. In the future, we will also provide a molar bar or a chewable toy for dogs to reduce their chew on furniture.
    3. It’s really not good to wrap tape around the place where the dog can nibble or wrap tape around the place where the dog can nibble, but it’s not recommended. If the dog bites the tape, it is likely to cause accidental ingestion, so it is recommended to train as much as possible to improve the problem.

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