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    If it is due to habit problems, timely criticism to prevent the occurrence of bad habits of dogs is not only related to their own habits, but also related to the feeding methods of the owners. The reason why dogs can turn over the trash can may be because there is food in the trash can that attracts dogs, or it may be because dogs regard it as a way to vent their emotions.

    1. The reason why dogs can turn over garbage cans is that they are bored, so they want to find something to solve the problem. This situation usually occurs in dogs left alone at home. Dogs are a kind of animals that need to be cared about, so if dogs are left alone for a long time, they will feel lonely and fidgety. So dogs usually find something to vent their emotions, in order to get the owner’s attention.

    2. There is residual food in the garbage can. Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell, so even if the residual food is pressed by other garbage, dogs can find their location. Although dogs may not be very hungry, they may still turn over the food in the garbage can and eat it.

    3. Anxiety. Because of anxiety, dogs will turn over the trash can and nibble at the contents to relieve their mood.

    How to improve this question in view of this situation, the first thing we should do is definitely discipline:

    1. If this behavior happens under our own eyes, once the dog is found near the garbage can, loudly scold it and let it leave on its own initiative. If the dog doesn’t listen to advice or tries to bite, it must be given a certain punishment.

    2. Strengthen the dog’s memory. If the dog refuses to leave, just hit twice with a rolled newspaper when he bites the garbage, and at the same time, yell loudly to make him realize that it is wrong to do so. Prevent dog anxiety

    3. If you don’t “beat” your dog, or it’s useless to discipline him for half a day, you can only make him a little bit worse, because the dog is sensitive to strong smell gas. So you can spray some air fresheners, perfume, or some essential oils and cool oil on the edge of the garbage cans, which is very stimulating to dogs. This should reduce the dog’s interest in trash cans.

    4. If the previous discipline has no effect, then the garbage can only be placed in a place that the dog can’t touch. Or dispose of the garbage as soon as possible, so that the dog doesn’t turn over the garbage can when we don’t pay attention. Of course, for “not too smart” dogs, we can also choose to replace the open trash can with a covered trash can. In addition, the dog is always curious and energetic, so we can prepare other toys for the dog to attract the dog’s attention, so that they do not take care of the trash can. It can also drain their energy so that they have no extra energy.

    In a word, we should pay attention to feeding. If we don’t like to let dogs turn over the garbage can, we should dispose of some food or articles with strong smell as soon as possible. This kind of thing attracts the attention of dogs very well. Generally, dogs may be attracted by them when they are bored. If the dog goes to the trash can because of anxiety, the first thing to do is to relieve the dog’s anxiety, and try to spare more time to accompany the dog.

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