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    Provide a good sleeping environment to ensure the dog’s health. Although the dog seems to be sleeping all day long, the body can only get enough rest in deep sleep state, but the time for the dog to enter deep sleep is not much. Therefore, improving the sleep quality of dogs plays an important role in their daily state and health.

    1. Provide a quiet living environment. Try to arrange the dog’s nest in a quiet environment. The dog is an alert animal. The reason why they stay in light sleep for a long time is that they should always pay attention to the external conditions. So we often see that even if the dog is sleeping, it will respond quickly once it hears the sound. In addition, we try not to disturb dogs when they sleep. Some dogs can say where they go and where they sleep, and try not to make too much noise when they sleep.
    2. Ensure that certain outdoor sports can not only exercise the dog’s body, but also properly consume the dog’s extra energy, so that the dog can better enter the deep sleep state, not only so that the dog’s physical functions will also be greatly improved due to sports.
    3. Keeping dogs clean. Some people may ask whether dogs are clean or not has something to do with their sleep quality, but we need to know whether dogs are clean or not has a lot to do with their skin health. If you don’t pay attention to cleaning at ordinary times, your dog’s ears are likely to become inflamed. Your dog will often scratch his ears because of itching. Even your dog will have skin diseases due to fungal infection. It’s hard for dogs to fall asleep because of itching, which has a great impact on their sleep. Dogs can also become grumpy. To make the dog have a good sleep quality, in addition to providing a good rest environment, but also to ensure the health of the dog. And health is a more important factor. Only when the dog has a healthy body, can the dog sleep comfortably.

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