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    If you have time, try not to take a walk too late. It’s not only to exercise their bodies, but also to learn a lot during the walk. It’s also good for dogs to take a walk with them correctly and improve their walking quality. In our walk, we just let the dog run out and meet with other dogs. As for other dogs, we don’t need to worry too much. In order to prevent the dog from eating the food on the ground, many owners will stop it in time when they see the dog smelling on the ground. However, such behavior is actually the nature of dogs, so there is no need to deliberately stop it. We can let dogs sniff around, but if they chew the food on the ground, they should be stopped as soon as possible to avoid accidents.
    In general, we take our dogs for a walk and usually choose a familiar place. But if it’s still bright when we walk our dog, we can choose places we haven’t been to before. Dogs are more interested in novel food. Different environments may be more likely to arouse their interest. However, due to the strange environment, the owner needs to pay more attention to it, and don’t let the dog do too much to the stranger or the dog.
    The walking place should not be too noisy as far as possible. You can also choose to go out in a relatively small period of time. When the dog has a certain familiarity with the surrounding area, you can also come out in a relatively busy time. At the same time, you can train the courage of the dog. The walking time should not be too short, it can be slightly longer, which consumes the dog’s extra energy. After returning home, the dog will not make too much noise, which may be helpful for the dog’s rest.
    The length of the leash can be longer appropriately, so that the dog has more space for activities, but it should also be within the controllable range, otherwise it will be caught unprepared in some emergencies. Although the dog’s night vision ability is not bad, it is not good for the dog to be familiar with the surrounding environment.

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