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    When the cocker spaniel is old, some diseases and other problems will appear. At first, the symptoms are not obvious, so the owner must pay attention to the observation. When the dog enters the old age, the owner should take the responsibility of care, so that the dog can spend his old age safely.

    If the dog is more than ten years old, and there are more than five aging conditions at the same time, the owner may be able to determine that the dog has the primary stage of senile degeneration or even dementia. At this time, we should pay more attention to the dog’s physical health. If there is any pain, we should deal with it immediately. From about the age of 13, there have been more senile dementia in dogs. Up to about 15, most dogs will have signs of aging. In this stage, we should not only pay attention to the dog’s physiological state, but also pay attention to the psychological situation. Just like people, there will be worries and worries after old age.

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