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    When you touch your dog’s ribs, you can feel the fat covering the ribs, and you can also touch the ribs. If you look from the side and look down, you can see the slight depression of the waist, the outline of the ribs and the back spine is invisible, and the muscles of the limbs are also obvious. The dog who maintains this position is the healthiest.
    If you can’t see the ribs at all, press gently on the ribs of the chest, and the ribs can’t be touched at all. You must press hard to reach the ribs. When you touch your ribs, you can feel a lot of fat covering them. From the top, you can see the whole chest and waist protruding out, and the stomach becomes very large. If you can see the round and drooping belly from the side, there is a very thick fat accumulation in the neck, there is an obvious swimming circle on the neck, and the back is also very flat. You can put the plate on the back when you are even. When you walk, you can see that the body fat will shake freely. All this shows that the dog is fat and needs to lose weight.
    Losing weight is an endurance activity. Don’t expect it to happen overnight. Dog owners should know how to gradually, pay attention to scientific weight loss. Otherwise, not only can’t the dog lose weight, but it may also harm the dog’s health.

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