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    The body of Tibetan hounds is the capital of revolution. Whether a dog is healthy or not is more important than anything, because everything is based on their health. So we should know how to judge whether the jackals are sick, so that we can find their abnormalities in time, and take them to check in time to ensure that diseases do not threaten them.

    Appetite: the dog is not interested in the food he likes or the food with good smell. If his appetite is reduced or he refuses to eat at all, it is abnormal.

    Vomiting: dogs, like cats, are more prone to vomiting. If you don’t eat properly, you may vomit. It’s not necessarily a disease. If persistent vomiting occurs, attention should be paid to it.

    Diarrhea: diarrhea in dogs is a symptom of disease, especially one after another. Measures should be taken. In particular, dogs that have not been vaccinated against canine distemper should be referred to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Sneezing or tears: sneezing or tears is the main manifestation of cold or influenza. If you can see a doctor in time, the general effect is good. The dry and wet condition of the nose is normal. If the nose is dry and rough, it is a sign of fever.

    Water barrier: dogs often want to drink when they see the water basin. But if you want to drink water that can’t enter your mouth, it drips out again. Nine out of ten, your throat is ill, such as pharyngitis. (Rabies dogs are very thirsty). They can’t drink water because of their pharyngeal paralysis. Sometimes they can get mad when they see water. Shaking head and scratching ears are the special symptoms of otopathy. If the ears are dirty and smelly, there may be parasites. If there are scurf on the ear tip, there may be scabies.

    Salivation: mouth disease (such as stomatitis, glossitis, oral mucosal ulcer and tooth disease) salivation is a kind of animal symptom, and can also smell bad breath. Rabies is full of saliva during the excitement period.

    Frequent micturition or defecation: the dog frequently makes the action of defecation, but can’t excrete the stool, or only see traces of feces and urine. Frequent urination may be caused by bladder or urethra problems, and frequent urination may be caused by intestinal problems. Take the dog to the veterinary hospital in time.

    Scratching the skin: if the dog shows restlessness and frequently scratches his own skin and coat, it means that the dog has flea, lice parasitism, or scabies, fungal skin infection, eczema or pseudorabies. At this time, the dog is thinly covered and may have bald spots.

    The color of the tooth bed and tongue: the redder the color, the healthier the person is. White is anemia, and it may also be intestinal parasites or stool blood (parvovirus disease or hookworm disease). Most healthy dogs run and jump and play with other dogs. If you sleep alone, you are in poor health. So we can judge whether the dogs are sick from their appetite, mental state, laxity or some other surface symptoms. If the dogs have some of them at the same time, it’s better to take the dogs to the hospital for detailed inspection to prevent delay of the dog’s condition.

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