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    The most significant sign of constipation in dogs is a sudden decrease in the number of stools, or a longer interval. In addition, there is also a situation that although the times are the same, it is difficult to defecate, and the dog’s feces are mostly dry and hard. Usually, constipation will be accompanied by a decrease in appetite and appetite. The abdomen is always bulging and bulging, just like a balloon. In serious cases, there will be spasms in the hind legs. How to see constipation in dogs? How to relieve symptoms?

    Generally, after eating, dogs will digest and absorb the food and then discharge it out of the body. All the processes will last for about one to two days, and the interval of defecation is usually about 8 to 28 hours, which belongs to the interval of normal dogs. If the dog at home does not defecate for more than 48 hours in a row, it’s constipation. Constipation is related to defecation habit, diet structure and life style. Some dogs are used to defecate once every two days, and there is no discomfort when defecating. The feces are normal and moist, and there is no abnormal situation. In this case, the owner can avoid the problem of defecating every day.

    For dogs with constipation problems, the owner should try to make the dogs eat less animal viscera and meat products, not only food of a certain brand for a long time, but also a lot of water, which can be combined with probiotics to help gastrointestinal digestion. Eat more fiber rich vegetables and fruits, and sometimes eat some grass. And the owner should pay more attention to the changes of the dog’s body, as long as there is a slight obesity, it is necessary to increase the amount of exercise to help increase the consumption of calories. In addition, dogs should not be given the bones of livestock such as pigs and sheep, otherwise the feces will be drier and more harmful to defecation. If some dogs are sensitive and living environment changes, constipation will occur. Therefore, if you want to take your dog to travel or to a new environment, you’d better take more rest, or give comfort and communication; when the dog is defecating, don’t let people disturb it, and try to keep the surrounding environment quiet.

    Dog constipation is not a big thing, daily diet control, usually do more exercise, constipation problem is easy to solve.

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