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    The lack of calcium in dogs has a great impact on their bodies, especially for puppies. If there is a lack of calcium, there will be many impacts on their bodies, such as the incomplete bone development, the lack of calcium in the period of tooth replacement, the possibility of double row teeth and so on. Therefore, we should know how to judge whether there is a lack of calcium in dogs, so as to supplement calcium for them in time.

    There are many reasons for dog’s lack of calcium:
    1. The content of calcium in dog’s food is enough, but due to dog’s poor absorption function, such as enteritis, poor appetite and so on, it will lead to dog’s lack of calcium due to poor absorption.

    2. Dog has absorbed the calcium in food, but due to the poor conversion of calcium in dog’s body, calcium will be discharged and lack of calcium.

    3. The dog has no problem in all aspects, because the calcium content in the food is not enough and the dog lacks calcium. Symptoms of calcium deficiency in dogs: muscle weakness, poor strength of limbs, cartilage, O-shaped legs, etc.

    Therefore, the lack of calcium in dogs does not necessarily supplement calcium. We should find out the reason.
    1. Poor absorption function, it is necessary to regulate the stomach and intestines.

    2. Poor conversion function, exercise with dogs, sun exposure, etc.

    3. When there is a real lack of calcium, calcium should be supplemented. There are many ways to supplement calcium: take calcium tablets / bone soup / and various calcium supplements for dogs.

    We may not see the effect of calcium deficiency in a short period of time, but the hidden danger is great. So for the sake of dog’s health, we should know how to judge whether the dog is lack of calcium, so that we can timely supplement calcium for the dog and prevent some problems.

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