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    The protein is a very important nutrient in the body. The lack of this nutrient will cause a series of problems in the dog’s body, and lead to a series of complications, such as esophageal stenosis, chronic diarrhea and so on.

    Therefore, the owner must ensure that the dog eats a certain amount of protein at ordinary times. In general, dogs lacking protein show emaciation, rough coat, weight loss, and stunted development. Inappetence, visible mucous membrane is pale, blood pressure drops. In severe cases, there was systemic edema. The resistance is decreased, and secondary infection is easy to occur. The total protein content of adult dog plasma was 5.3-7.5g%, and the albumin content was 3-4.8g%. If the total plasma protein is reduced to less than 5g% and the albumin is reduced to less than 3G%, protein deficiency can be considered. As anemia is often associated, hemoglobin and red blood cells are reduced.

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