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    Do you know the right way to raise Border Collies?
    After weaning the border collie, the parents can choose the appropriate puppy food to feed, so that the border animal can gradually adapt to other food. Due to the weakness of the puppies, the principle of eating less and eating more should be followed in the feeding process. The puppies’ food should be soaked with warm boiled water or milk powder of sheep. After warming, the puppies should be fed to avoid the digestive burden caused by their intestines and stomachs, 3-4 meals per day, and be quantified regularly. Generally speaking, the border herdsman only obeys the instructions and instructions of his master. The rest of the family can get along well with him only by friendly contact and exchange of feelings with him at ordinary times, until he can obey the commands and orders. Kennel should choose a clean, dry and leeward place, often pay attention to cleaning, do not let dirt dirty and hair, especially in warm weather season, do disinfection work for kennel once in a while.
    At ordinary times, we should pay attention to whether the mental state of the border collie price is normal, whether the appetite is decreased, whether the nose mirror is dry or wet, whether the body temperature is normal, whether the stool becomes thin, etc. if we find any abnormal or sick signs, we should immediately try to treat them. Food must be appropriate, excessive will make it fat, lose the lively and lovely image. The fur of the border animal is long and fluffy. To keep it clean and beautiful, you must comb it once a day to remove the dirt and dust. After combing, wipe it with a dry and soft cloth or towel to make it clean and bright.

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