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    In order to keep the dog’s anus clean and clean, we need to regularly cut the dog’s hair, so how to trim it? Before trimming, wash the dog’s hair stained with dirt with bath gel first, and untie the hair knot which is hard due to dirt, confirm which place should be cut and which place should not be cut, and then trim it carefully. In order to ensure the safety of dogs, small, sharp and easy-to-use scissors are used for trimming.

    In order to ensure that the dog does not move disorderly, you can talk with the dog and take care of it. The hair around the anus is very thick. In order to prevent fecal contamination, it is better to cut it short. Lift up the tail, fix the dog’s body, cut off the hair around the anus with small scissors, and cut it into a circle with the anus as the center and the radius of 2-3cm.

    It is necessary to confirm the position of the anus. The skin of the anus is very soft, which is a relatively vulnerable part. Never cut it at will before setting the position of the anus, otherwise it will cause serious injury to the dog, so it is very important to confirm the position of the anus first.

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