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    Bichons are also a popular breed of dogs. Their heads are usually trimmed into round and fluffy balls, which look very lively and lovely. They like to play with their owners, which can bring us a lot of fun. In the process of breeding, their health is the most important for us. So how to raise Bichons to be healthy is a problem worthy of our attention. How to keep Bichons healthy?

    First of all, regular diet arrangement is necessary. It is the first step for healthy growth to train them to have regular and fixed-point eating habits and develop good living habits. Compared with the Bichon’s coat, there is a very hard spiral curl. Although it feels very soft and comfortable, it is very easy to knot, so it’s better to help them comb the coat every day to avoid suffering from knot opening later.

    Finally, the dog owner should give the dog certain play space and time to ensure that their digestive system can operate normally and enhance their resistance. We still have a lot to learn about how to keep a Bichons healthy. It’s a good way to find information or share experience with other dog owners. In order to make the dog grow better, we need to do a lot more.

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