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    The rainy season is the most prone season for dogs to have skin diseases. Many owners will notice that dogs will have skin diseases once they arrive at this season, which is the case every year. As the environment is humid and sultry, the owner must pay attention to keeping the dog dry, and try not to let the dog sleep in the humid corner of the home. The following suggestions are made to keep the dog dry for the owner’s reference.

    Poncho raincoat: the beautiful poncho raincoat is made of waterproof nylon surface, with bright color. When you walk in the rain, you don’t need to worry about the dog’s car behind you. The cape type design only has the buckle to fix in the dog’s neck and waist. It is convenient and quick for the dog to wear and take off the raincoat, and the one-piece hat can avoid the dog’s head getting wet.

    Detachable raincoat: beautiful Plaid raincoat, when it doesn’t rain, you can take off your hat and wear it directly to the dog as a clothing for going out, sending out pure breath. When it’s raining, even the head, body and limbs of the dog will not get wet. It’s just that it’s more troublesome to wear and take off. Naughty dogs may not cooperate!

    One piece raincoat: the one-piece raincoat is similar to the hat detachable raincoat, but the hat of this raincoat is not detachable. It’s also very handsome for dogs who don’t like the hat. It’s the simplest, practical and warm raincoat. When it’s sunny in the plum rain, let the dog house bask in the sun, do a disinfection, and move the dog house to a place where the rain is not dry, or find a way to raise the dog house so that it won’t be wet by the water.

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