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    The freshness of dog food in a dry and cool place is very important for the appetite and health of dogs. When we buy dog food, we can’t buy as much as the dog eats.

    Therefore, it is very important to preserve dog food, especially in summer when the temperature rises and the food goes bad. If you have the habit of using the feed storage bucket, please put it together with the package for storage. This is because the feed packaging helps to prevent the contents from oxidation and being affected by moisture. Some companies use better packaging, including oxygen barrier bags made from petroleum products. This kind of packing is very effective for isolating oxygen and moisture. After feeding, squeeze out as much air as possible, reseal, or fold the opening tightly before clamping. The original dog food package is marked with some information, such as bar code, batch code, and expiration date. These signs are very important, especially if your dog has a bad stomach and you suspect it has something to do with the feed.

    Do not pour the feed directly into the storage bucket. It’s a very common, but dangerous, way to store feed. The remaining fat and grease of the last batch of feed will adhere to the bottom and both sides of the feed storage tank, which will stink and pollute the newly purchased feed. The harmful chemicals in PET plastic food containers can penetrate into dog food. Repeated and direct use of buckets increases the risk of mites, mold growth, and bacterial contamination, which can lead to food poisoning, vomiting, and / or poor diarrhea. Store in a cool, dry place, such as a cupboard. Avoid storing in places with large temperature changes, which will cause the feed to absorb too much moisture! Please do not store the Kaifeng dry dog food in a warm, humid place or in the sun. Heat and water will promote the growth of mold, which will lead to the rotten fat in the feed. If the dog food package contacts with water and makes the food wet, it is better to dispose of it as soon as possible.

    It’s better to put the dog food in the storage bucket together with the packing bag. Please be careful when storing the dog food in the refrigerator. The refrigerator will increase the moisture content of the dry grain. If you want to store it in the refrigerator, please use the vacuum packing bag specially used in the kitchen to prevent the feed from contacting with the moisture. If you don’t have a vacuum packaging machine, store small portions in zipper bags or small closed food containers, enough to keep your dog for a few days at a time. The best way to store dog food is to use plastic containers made of glass or stainless steel. Glass and metal pet food containers are very effective isolators of oxygen and humidity. PET plastic food storage containers may not be able to store food effectively all the time. Over time, oxygen will slowly penetrate through the inner part of polyethylene containers. The dog food storage container made of metal or glass is suitable for storing feed and snacks for a few days. Avoid buying large quantities of unopened dry dog food at one time, unless you absolutely need it.

    If you buy a lot of dog food, be sure to store it in a closed pet food container. Unopened dry dog food can be stored for 4 months to 3 years, which is related to the manufacturer, formula and preservative. The shelf life of unopened dog food (containing natural preservatives) is about one year. Open cans can only be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days. The leftover cans should be put into airtight food containers before being stored in the refrigerator. But if you have more than three days, no matter if there is any left, don’t feed the dog again.

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