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    Let children know about the dog’s emotional changes in all family members, the child may be the most easily bitten by the dog, of course, it depends on the child’s personality. Some courageous children have no fear of dogs at all, although they are happy to play with them. However, some children may not be able to master the proper measure and make some people angry with the dog without knowing it, which will greatly increase the probability of being bitten. In order to prevent this kind of incidents, we can develop good behavior habits for children and dogs by making codes of conduct. As long as we do this, we can minimize the possibility of unsafe incidents.
    1. Teach children to understand the dog’s body language and observe the dog’s emotional changes. There are also great differences in the dog’s personality. Some dogs are very tolerant, even if the child has made some excessive behaviors, they will not mind too much. However, we should let children learn to observe the emotional changes of dogs. If the dog likes your behavior, he will usually stand well, close his eyes and show a very enjoyable appearance, and his ears will also be in a more natural state. Some dogs are excited, they may lie down and then face up. If the dog doesn’t like your behavior, it may dodge, and its face may be unnatural. If it’s not comfortable, it may even give a low roar as a warning. If the child does not find these phenomena and continues with the previous behavior, he may be bitten.
    2. To avoid children making some wrong behaviors, it is very difficult to prevent them from playing when they are over excited. If a child is chased by a dog, turn your back to the dog immediately, curl up in a ball, protect your hands and face, and call for help instead of running away or screaming.
    3. When the dog is sleeping, gnawing bones or eating, don’t let the child disturb the dog. At this time, the dog is generally easier to attack the child.

    4. Learn how to say hello to the dog and get along with the dog. It’s better to squat down, so that the pressure on the dog will be much smaller and easy for the dog to accept. In order to please them, they can prepare some food. If they have no malice, they can try to touch the dog, usually on the back of the dog. At the same time, we should teach the dog how to get along with the child in a friendly way.
    Try to prevent the dog from jumping and falling.
    Don’t let the dog take away or steal the child’s toys.
    Even when playing games, don’t let the dog bite or scratch the child.
    Try not to let the dog run after the child. To prevent children from being bitten by dogs, we need to start from children and dogs at the same time, and educate them to learn how to get along with each other. Doing these precautions early will minimize the chance of a child being bitten. If you are really unlucky to be bitten, you must deal with it in time according to the situation. If you just wear a little skin, clean and disinfect it a little bit. If you have bleeding problems, it is safer to take your child to get rabies vaccine.

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