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    We often say happy is a day, unhappy is a day, so why don’t we let ourselves happy every day. It’s the same with dogs, whose life span is just over 10 years, but the joy they bring to us can’t be measured, so we should try our best to make their lives colorful. So let’s talk about how to keep the dog in a good mood.

    1. Delicious food for dogs: you don’t need to go into details about this. Dried meat or other delicious food can make dogs excited at once, become very energetic at once, and stare at the delicious food in your hand. But this method should be used with caution. Don’t tease it with dried meat if it’s not happy. Sometimes, it will be very cunning to cheat meat or eat too much to cause indigestion.

    2. Fun for dogs: new toys are a good way to make dogs jump. Dogs are endless in their pursuit of toys, as long as they like new toys. Sometimes you can wash the toys that you have played for a while, put them away, play for them later, and act as new toys. Its mood will also be in place. It is a new toy to be happy.

    3. Play with dogs: most dogs like to play with people very much. It seems to us that the games of throwing things and picking them up are boring. They will not be tired of playing for a lifetime. When you take a toy and pretend not to give it, and then throw it out for it to pick up, the dog will be very happy. It will take the toy and let you throw it again. It’s not boring. Simple dogs like to play like this. You can do some fake actions to increase the fun of the game. This is the most popular way to make your dog happy, because there are more exchanges between you and your dog, and you can also let the dog who doesn’t like sports move.

    4. Caress the dog: the dog is naturally suitable for staying with people, and it is also eager to contact with people. Caress can convey a lot of information and make the dog feel happy. These are the places where dogs like to be scratched: the ear root, neck and belly. I think these places may not be scratched by themselves, so when we scratched them, they would be very comfortable. When you see many dogs squatting next to them, they will show their belly. If you gently rub their belly or Scratching the belly, it will have a look of enjoyment. Sometimes you scratch the position exactly where it wants to scratch, and its hind legs will also kick one by one, which makes people scratch with a sense of achievement. We do these things at the same time in an invisible way to enhance the relationship between us and dogs, so that dogs have deeper feelings for us, and we can also get comfort and happiness in the process.

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