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    Dogs are prone to obesity if they don’t exercise for a long time. In addition to reasonable diet, it is necessary to arrange some exercise for dogs. Regular exercise can not only help dogs to exercise their own muscles, but also have some benefits for nutrition absorption. If the dog does not exercise for a long time, it is bound to cause obesity, when the dog may be more prone to a series of diseases. Just let the dog exercise to find the right way, at the right time and the right place.
    To exercise dogs reasonably, we should do some proper exercise every day. You can’t do it exactly according to your will. Sometimes you can do it several times a day, sometimes you can do it several days. As for the amount of exercise, it should be treated separately according to the breed, age and body difference of the dog.
    For small dogs, the amount of exercise doesn’t need to be particularly large. Some small dogs, often affect their heart due to excessive exercise if they walk a long way every day, so they can walk around at home every day and take them out for a little exercise. However, dogs with lively personalities such as Teddy and mini Doberman need more exercise than other small dogs, so they should increase their exercise. As for those large and medium-sized dogs, they should meet a certain amount of exercise. Before outdoor traction exercise, they should be allowed to move freely for a few minutes to defecate. During the exercise, they should keep the correct walking posture, keep a proper distance from the owner, and correct the walking habits of front or back, left or right.
    Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably arrange for the dog to take a traction rope when going out for exercise. Especially in the area with a large number of people, if they are allowed to roam freely, they are likely to be hit by cars or disturb pedestrians, or fight with other dogs when they meet. If you go out at night, it’s better to take them to the place where they usually go for exercise. If it’s in the morning, you can change the route appropriately to make the dog more familiar with the surrounding environment. If you find that the dog smells the excrement of other animals on the road, you must stop it in time to avoid infection. Under the safety ring mirror, the dog can be given some plastic plastic plastic plastic toys to play or run freely. It’s important to let dogs exercise, but it can’t be carried out blindly. Only by finding the right exercise method can dogs exercise reasonably. The wrong exercise method can not only make dogs exercise and keep fit, but also cause certain hidden danger to their safety. Therefore, the owner must bear in mind some precautions.

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