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    After you help your dog cool down, be sure to dry it in the hot summer. It’s not good for your dog. After all, their cooling system is not very good for your dog, and there are only a few parts that can dissipate heat. Therefore, attention should be paid to prevent dogs from heatstroke. Of course, what we should pay attention to is not only heatstroke, but also diet, care and health. Therefore, if we want the dog to have a healthy summer, we need the owner to pay more attention.
    1. When it comes to helping dogs cool down, the most direct way to help them stay in the air-conditioned room or beside the electric fan is to help them take a cold bath. However, after most owners help the dog cool, they mostly leave the dog to dry or air dry. It’s true that sunshine can evaporate most of the water in summer, but the coat of golden retriever is longer, so the coat covered inside is not easy to dry. It’s very easy for bacteria to grow slowly in humid environment, so it’s inevitable for dogs to get skin diseases in the end.
    2. It’s not suitable to put dogs in the air-conditioned room for a long time. It can avoid heat stroke, but also pay attention to regular air change. It’s just not suitable for dogs to stay in the air-conditioning room for a long time. After all, this will only make the dog’s heat-resistant ability worse and worse. It will also have a certain impact on the dog’s physical fitness in the future. It may also make the dog suffer from air-conditioning disease. Of course, also remember that if the dog just came back from the outside, it is not suitable to directly enter the air conditioning room, so as to avoid too much temperature change, causing the dog discomfort. In summer, shaving should not be too short.
    3. Shaving should not be too shor. In summer, we need to clean the bottom hair and belly hair of dogs regularly to help cool the heat; however, when cutting, we should avoid cutting too short, because proper hair can block ultraviolet rays. And if shaving a pet is not suitable for them, they will be unhappy, shy and even depressed. Pay attention to the control of indoor temperature and humidity. Generally speaking, it’s better to turn on the air conditioner and dehumidification during the day, and the exhaust fan must be turned on to help air circulation, so as to keep the dog’s body surface dry. And because of the hot weather, the time to go out for a walk should also be arranged in the morning and evening. Comb more and bathe less. Because of being shaved, the protection of the hair will be much less, so try to let the dog drill into the grass as little as possible to avoid the infection of parasites. Try to keep the food fresh.
    4. Pay attention to diet management. If the temperature is high in summer, the rate of food corruption will naturally be much faster. Therefore, when feeding, food should not be let go too much, because many owners often put a lot of dog food in the bowl for convenience, and the dog can’t finish eating and then put it in the next meal, but this can’t guarantee the regular diet of the dog, and the food storage time is too long and very long It’s easy to go bad. If dogs eat bad food, it may cause intestinal discomfort, and may cause intestinal bacterial infection, which may cause gastroenteritis.

    It should also be noted that when taking a dog out, you should pay attention to choosing a clean place to walk the dog as much as possible, and do not approach the feces of other dogs. The growth of bacteria in hot weather is serious, and random contact with these things may cause dogs to be infected with bacteria and thus suffer from uploaded diseases.

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