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    It can provide a big bone for the guests and babies to chew at home. If the dog suddenly barks at this time, it is quite embarrassing. Although barking is the nature of the dog, if barking at an inappropriate time, the owner should stop it. But dogs don’t stop barking because of one sentence, so we can only use certain methods to make dogs fast and quiet.

    1. Give the bone to let the dog chew. The dog likes to chew the object itself, especially for the dog in the period of tooth change. To keep dogs from barking, the first thing to do is to keep their mouths busy. So we can prepare a big pig bone for dogs to chew and grind. When the dog barks, it can throw the bone to it and let it go aside to nibble slowly. Generally, it’s better to make the bone for the dog to be hard. Don’t throw some chicken bones to the dog, which will not only fail to achieve the effect, but also cause certain hidden danger to the dog’s safety. Provide toys to distract their attention.
    2. Provide toys to let them play. Sometimes dogs bark because they think that the owners don’t care enough about themselves, so they call our attention by barking. At this time, we can take out the pet’s favorite toys and let them play on the side. We can also leave a little smell on the toys, which can arouse the dog’s interest in playing with this toy. Because it’s not just a toy for dogs to smell the familiar smell, it can also make them feel at ease.
    3. Reward and punishment to keep the dog quiet. If the above two methods have no effect on the dog’s barking, then the owner should yell at the dog in time. Many of them can understand the owner’s mood and tone. If they feel the owner’s anger, they will stop barking. When they stop barking, we can caress the dog or give them advice Provide a certain amount of food reward to encourage. If the oral admonition can’t be stopped, you can prepare a water gun to spray twice at him. Generally, the dogs will be quiet after being attacked.

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