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    For dogs, the buttocks are easy to get dirty. If their body condition is normal, it may be better. But if their body is not comfortable and causes thinning, the surrounding hair is likely to be covered with garbage due to adhesion. For a long time, it is very easy to cause anal infection and cause some diseases. So how to keep the buttocks clean Quite important.

    1. Cut the hair around the anus. The hair around the anus is very thick. In order to prevent fecal contamination, it is better to cut it short. Lift up the tail, fix the dog’s body, cut off the hair around the anus with small scissors, and cut it into a circle with the anus as the center and the radius of 2-3cm.

    2. It is necessary to confirm the position of the anus. The skin of the anus is very soft, which is easy to be injured. Never cut it at will before setting the position of the anus. Otherwise, it will cause serious injury to the dog. Therefore, it is very important to confirm the position of the anus first. The buttocks are very easy for dogs to touch their feces, so bacteria are easy to breed, so keeping the buttocks clean and tidy is very good for the dog’s body and beauty.

    For the sake of their body, we can’t ignore cleaning them because they are dirty, which makes dogs infected with bacteria.

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