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    No matter the kennel is indoors or outdoors, it should be cleaned regularly to ensure cleanliness. Otherwise, dogs will get sick when they grow up in a dirty environment for a long time. So how to clean the kennel?

    The inside and outside of the kennel should be cleaned every day, and the fecal dirt should be cleaned at any time. If necessary, the kennel should be brushed and cleaned, and the sanitation should be maintained. Cleaning tools and sundries shall not be placed in the kennel or the place where the dog can hold them, so as to avoid biting and swallowing and accidents. More than twice a month should be disinfected to reduce the spread of disease. If any infectious disease is found, disinfect it at any time. The best choice of disinfectant is the one that can be sterilized with body, so as to avoid accidents due to high concentration or manipulation problems.

    Always clean the environment around the kennel. Spray medicine or lime around regularly in summer to prevent the breeding of mosquito and fly eggs. Often check whether the dog house is damaged, and repair the damaged part in time. After putting the dog in the house, pay attention to lock the door to prevent accidents.

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