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    The small fish tank is the choice of many novice fishermen. Generally, this small fish tank does not require a filter and belongs to a relatively simple fish tank. But we said that fish farming first raises water. Although small tanks are simple, how can we raise the water in the tank?

    1. Pump and add water every day, and the amount of water change is between 1/5 and 1/2 (cylinder is large and small is small). When changing the water, the temperature of the new water and the tank water must be measured with a thermometer, and the temperature difference should be controlled between 0.5-1.0°; the new water should be injected slowly along the wall of the tank (basin), and avoid pouring or impacting the fish body. Pumping can be done with a thin plastic tube using the siphon principle.

    2. Prepare a drying bucket, which should be exposed for more than 2 days, and the capacity should be at least greater than the daily water consumption.

    3. The feeding is mainly based on the pellet feed that is easy to find in goldfish and the red blood worms, and those that are small or easily powdered, such as fleas, bread crumbs, and egg yolk, should be fed as little as possible, otherwise the remaining feed is very Easy to spoil water quality.

    4. If possible, the fish tank should be placed near the window sill or in a well-lit and well-ventilated area, which is very beneficial to the growth of fish. The sunlight is worth half of the filter tank function.

    5. Feeding should be finished within 3 to 5 minutes; those with a water temperature above 10 degC can take twice a day.

    6. When you find that there are many small impurities floating in the water or feel that the water is mixed, consider changing the whole tank. The water change is as follows: a. First prepare a basin, put some salt and yellow powder (you can also use light red potassium permanganate instead); draw the clean water from the upper layer of the tank into the basin. b. Gently remove the fish and put it in the basin for disinfection. c. Pour out the water in the tank, and pour the fresh water into the tank. d. When the water temperature in the basin differs from the temperature in the tank by 0.5-1.0 degC, the fish can be released. Stop eating for half a day after changing water.

    7. When the water quality is fair, there are many impurities floating in the tank. It can also be filtered through the outside of the tank: prepare a bucket with a filter cotton, and suck the water out of the tank through the filter cotton into the bucket, as long as it sucks into the tank The water level will not stop the fish from tilting, and then slowly pour the filtered water into the tank.

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