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    People who have kept dogs know that dogs’ ears are extremely prone to problems, especially dogs with longer hair than Bichon and Poodles. The hair in the ear canal is thick, and the ears are droopy. If they cover the ear canal and can’t touch the outside world, they are particularly prone to breeding bacteria, causing ear problems. How can we know if the ears of dogs are not healthy What’s the problem? How to know if there is a problem with the dog’s ears?

    1. The dog loves to shake his head, and has foreign matters and discomfort in his ears;

    2. Sometimes he will scratch the outside of his ears, because the dog feels itchy, so he will scratch;

    3. The ears have peculiar smell and dirt, and when you open the dog’s ears, you can obviously smell a peculiar smell, and see yellow and black dirt;

    4. The ears become red, swollen, bleeding easily, and the ears will look red;

    5. There is pus or blood outflow, which is a serious case. The ear will secrete some blood and thick juice, which looks a little bit terrible;

    6. Hearing loss, which may not be heard when barking the dog;

    7. Crooked head;

    The dog’s ear canal is covered with rich ear hair. If not cleaned frequently, it will easily produce dirt, which will cause ear mites. Normal ear canal, should be clean, no smell, no dirt, pink. If the dog often shakes his head unnaturally and grabs his ears with his claws, it means that his ears are uncomfortable and need to be cleaned. When it is found that the dog frequently flicks or scratches his ears, it indicates that there is something wrong with the dog’s ears, but many careless owners find it only when the dog’s ears smell.

    In fact, as long as the right way to clean earwax, you can reduce this situation. The dog’s ears are still fragile. It’s better for the owner to develop the habit of regularly checking the dog’s ear canal to avoid the occurrence of skin diseases caused by serious ear mites. At that time, the treatment will be a slow process.

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