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    Poodle owners may not have thought before raising poodles that their dogs are so fond of biting things, from shoes, flowers and grass, to furniture, even wires, etc., it seems that as long as they can let them down, they may have to help their owners to check whether these things are secure. However, this “kindness” of dogs may also be the master’s beating. In fact, there are reasons for the poodle’s disorderly biting. If the poodle wants to get rid of the habit of disorderly biting, the master must find out the reason for his dog’s disorderly biting.

    1. Biting can reduce the discomfort caused by tooth changing. Tooth changing can make dogs feel uncomfortable. However, dogs will not let the discomfort caused by tooth changing torment themselves. They have found a solution to the owner’s headache – biting. But the owners don’t have no way to deal with it. To prepare the dog’s chew glue is a way worth trying. Choosing a suitable chew glue for the dog can not only reduce the discomfort caused by tooth changing, but also help the dog clean his mouth and kill two birds with one stone!

    2. Doing nothing, biting and venting. Many owners are 9-to-5 office workers, so dogs can only stay at home alone in the daytime. In order to kill their boring days, dogs may chew and bite in the East and the West. The owner can buy some toys for the dog if he wants to make the dog not only focus on furniture and other things during the day. When you come home, you should also interact with your dog. If you always treat your dog coldly, he may become “depressed”.

    3. Training dogs not to bite at random. In addition to the above-mentioned preparation of dog biting glue and more interaction with dogs, the owner can also stop the dog from biting at random by stopping the training. It should be noted that this kind of stop training needs to be carried out. When the dog is biting, the owner will give a severe stop, so that they will know they can’t chew furniture, etc. If the owner does not teach the dog until later, the dog may not understand the owner’s meaning, which will lead to ineffective training.

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