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    From childhood, we should pay attention to the control of nutrition. The nutritional status of dogs can usually be judged according to their muscle fullness, especially the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. The status and luster of coat can also be used as a reference standard. Or compare it with dogs of the same age. The nutritional level indicates the general trend of the metabolism of the body. The dog shows plump muscles, full subcutaneous fat, glossy skin, complete body, but not prominent bone edges and corners, which is a sign of good nutrition.
    Malnourished dogs are emaciated, tarnished, flabby and inelastic, with obvious skeleton. Malnourished dogs are often accompanied by mental and physical weakness. Nutritional wasting is a common clinical disease. If dogs lose weight quickly in a short period of time, it is mainly considered that there is the possibility of abnormal thermophilic disease or a large amount of water loss due to abnormal gastroenteritis and frequent diarrhea. If the course of disease develops slowly, it is mostly chronic consumptive diseases (mainly chronic infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, long-term digestive disorders or metabolic disorders, etc.).
    In addition, all young animals should pay attention to malnutrition, anemia, rickets, vitamin A deficiency, leukomyopathy and other nutritional and metabolic disorders. High malnutrition is cachexia, which is an important indication of poor prognosis.
    Physique and development. Physique and development status can generally be determined according to the development degree of bones and muscles. In order to determine the weight, body length, height and chest circumference of dogs, the measuring equipment can be used.
    Generally, according to the measurement results, we can distinguish the large, medium, small or well-developed from the underdeveloped. The size of physique can be used as a reference for development. The well-developed dogs have well-balanced structure, strong muscles and strong strength. Strong physique not only has good production performance, but also has strong resistance to disease. Most of the dogs with dysplasia have short bodies and uneven structures. They are stunted and have a small body when they are young.
    Therefore, we should pay attention to nutrition supplement during the childhood, especially in the rapid growth period of dogs. For medium and large dogs, we should properly supplement some calcium, but we can’t blindly supplement it. If we supplement too much, it will not benefit the dogs, but will cause many adverse effects.

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