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    Although the obesity problem of Bulldog is quite common, it is easy to cause their health problems, but this kind of dog can not do very vigorous exercise to lose weight, so it is necessary to ask the doctor’s advice in advance to lose weight for bulldog.

    1. Increase exercise. Increase the amount of exercise for dogs. Bulldog is a large dog, which needs 2-3 hours of exercise time every day to ensure the normal growth of its bones and the metabolism of excess fat. For dogs, walking is an all-round training, which can keep their physical and mental health. Regular exercise can help them lose weight and make them stronger, healthier and happier.

    2. Eat less snacks. Finally, we should reduce its snacks intake. Most of the bulldog’s snacks are delicious and high in calories. If there’s a guilty feeling that dogs can’t bear to refuse to eat cloud food because of their extravagant eyes, a dog cake specially designed for dogs will be very suitable for you. The low-fat dog cake features gluten free, grain free, low-fat peanut butter, banana and low-fat cheese icing, and is partially decorated with dog biscuits or dog chocolate (horned beans). Don’t get fat after eating.

    3. Ask the veterinarian if the dog’s obesity is caused by disease. The clinician in the animal hospital can make a basic judgment based on the fat accumulation mode, the growth of the body hair of the bulldog, and the diet to help feed the fat bulldog in the owner’s home.

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