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    Don’t feed high calorie food to old dogs, so-called “one white covers all ugly, one fat destroys all”. Although some dogs are a little fatter and look more lovely, they are only moderately fat. If the dog is too fat, it will have a certain impact on the image of the dog. And obesity will also have a great impact on the health of dogs. There is a saying that it’s hard to buy old dogs to lose weight, which is also useful for dogs. A fat old dog is more likely to get sick than a normal dog, so it’s important for an old dog to keep fit. The constitution of the old dog is not as good as that of the young and strong dog. If the dog suffers from obesity again, the probability of the dog’s disease will be higher.

    Generally obese old dogs are prone to the following diseases:
    1. Diabetes: Obese dogs are prone to insulin secretion disorders, so congenital diabetes is not very common, which is why many people with diabetes are overweight.
    2. Heart disease: Obesity is easy to cause heart overload, lead to some cardiopulmonary insufficiency, form respiratory system problems, cough frequently sooner or later, and death due to pulmonary edema in severe cases. For short nosed dogs like Jingba, it’s easy to have difficulty breathing in summer. Even old dogs should do proper exercise.
    3. Overweight will bring certain pressure to the dog’s bones. For those dogs with congenital bone hypoplasia, obesity will cause certain burden to their bodies.

    So how can we reasonably make weight-loss plans for elderly dogs?
    Generally speaking, for the elderly dogs, we should first try to avoid feeding high calorie food. As for the elderly dogs, the amount of exercise they need will slowly decrease. Therefore, the dogs will be more accustomed to lying on their stomach than before, and the energy intake is usually more than the energy consumption. If we feed high calorie food at this time, it is easy to accumulate calories and produce obesity.
    In addition, although the amount of exercise required by the aged dog is not as good as before, we can’t let the dog stay still like this. Proper exercise is still needed. Take the dog out for a walk every day and run occasionally, but remember not to take too long to avoid the burden on the dog. Reducing the physical quantity is certainly not a reasonable way to lose weight.
    After all, even for the elderly dogs, the body still needs some energy. Excessive reduction of food may lead to malnutrition of the dogs. When the dogs lose weight, the body may have collapsed, so you can choose food with slightly lower calories to feed. Although we need to lose weight, we still need to feed food. If the dog doesn’t eat continuously, we can add some of its favorite food in the dog food. If it still doesn’t eat, it’s necessary to go to the hospital for examination. After all, the old dog is very fragile, so we should pay special attention to it.
    Usually, the elderly dogs should be fed with dog food as much as possible, instead of always feeding the dogs with fish and meat, which will not only cause a burden on their intestines, but also have a certain impact on their mouth. Regular eating of fish is easy to cause dental calculus. Once a dog’s teeth become loose due to dental calculus, it will be very bad for their future life. Therefore, for the elderly dog weight loss, mainly depends on a reasonable diet and appropriate exercise.

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