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    Dachshund is particularly important for its beauty because of its special body structure. No matter long hair or short hair or bristle dachshund, how is the most correct beauty?

    1. Be sure to comb the hair first, no matter how long or thin it is. A professional pet comb will do the job. Comb the hair in the direction of the hair. When combing the sensitive parts such as the head, chest, abdomen and buttocks, the action should be gentle and do not hurt the dachshund.

    2. Maintain the color of the coat. You can use a soft cloth to wipe the coat to keep it bright. The coat of dachshunds should be combed frequently to avoid knots. For the bristly dachshund, it should also be combed with coarse hair, not to be ignored because of its short and thick hair, otherwise it will also accumulate dirt and grow lice, in addition, it should be regularly done for the dog’s coat maintenance and baking oil. It’s best to coat it with a thin coat of wool oil. To make the hair color bright, but also pay attention not to let the dog into the bedroom, should be raised in a colder place.

    3. The adult dachshunds should be manicured once a month, and the young dachshunds should be manicured frequently. Fingernail clipper can be used to trim fingers and claws. It should be smooth after cutting. If damage is found, iodine can be used to wipe the affected part to prevent infection. When cutting nails, it is necessary to cut off the tip part that does not pass through the blood vessel and bend it at one go, and then file it with a file. It is not easy to see the blood vessel in the black claw, so you can cut off most of it first and then file it with a file. When Wanyi cuts the blood vessel and bleeds, apply hemostatic agent, and temporarily press the thumb and index finger on the root of the claw to stop bleeding.

    4. Strengthen foot care. Dachshund’s foot nest is easy to get dirty and hurt. Therefore, during this period, we should strengthen nursing. When cleaning, we should not only use warm water to clean the tip of the foot, but also clean and wipe the foot from the foot socket to the toe. If there is any wound, we should disinfect it in time. The foot of dachshund should be shaved and cut as short as possible to prevent it from slipping when walking. It is also necessary to prevent it from opening too big between toes. Generally, the foot of dachshund should be trimmed with a small round scissors to reduce damage and also be cut clean.

    5. Do more sunbathing. To make the dog hair shiny and beautiful, you can feed the dog more protein rich feed every day. Contain vitamin E, vitamin D additives and seaweed food, vegetables, such as lean meat, boiled egg yolk, vegetable oil, etc. At the same time, we should give the dog more sunbathing, more UV absorption, and regular exercise, to promote its blood circulation, make it grow healthy hair.

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