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    In our opinion, cats and dogs are like natural enemies, as long as we meet each other, a war is inevitable. Some people like not only dogs, but also cats. So how to make cats and dogs get along peacefully has always been their headache.

    1. Because the cats and dogs in their childhood have not had the unpleasant experience of getting along with other people, if they are allowed to live together since childhood, they will be easy to love each other. So if you have plans to have both meow and Wang, you can consider starting at the same time. But be prepared for the sudden increase in workload. Although they are easy to get along well with each other, they still need to correct their improper playing style in time. Training a dog to chase a toy instead of his kitty is the key.

    2. If there is a dog, when adopting a cat, it is necessary to carefully consider the adoption of untrained stray cats. Because stray cats generally regard dogs as enemies, it is very difficult to train cats to adapt to indoor life and make friends with previous “enemies”. If there are already cats, some special dogs, such as terriers, hounds and shepherds, are not suitable for living with cats.

    3. Cats have a strong sense of protection for their territory and do not like to change, so it will take a long time for cats to accept dogs. The first impression is very important. If one party is slapped at the beginning, it may be a few weeks’ familiarity will be prolonged to a few months. It’s not impossible to have a bad time and meet a stubborn meow. It’s impossible to be old and die without communication. So don’t force them to be together or too close. It’s ideal for them to be in different spaces at first. They can smell each other, but they can’t see. Slowly, they can see each other, but they can’t touch each other. If they can face each other calmly, they will reward both at the same time. When they can face each other calmly, they try to remove the last defense line. In this process, it is necessary to ensure that the life quality of the former one does not decline or even improve, so as not to make him feel that the love of the new partner is less.

    4. In the previous stage when cats and dogs start to get along, even if they look very harmonious, they should also give dogs a rope to prevent the dogs from getting excited. Dogs, who can’t figure out the situation beyond the scope of bite, doesn’t necessarily know whether he is the future roommate or the new high-grade toy you bought for him.

    5. Each pet should have its own space to enjoy food without being disturbed. The easiest way to do this is to consider putting the cat’s table at a higher level. In addition, we must pay attention not to let them eat each other’s food, because the nutritional components of cat food and dog food are different, dog food can not guarantee the comprehensive nutrition of the cat, and cat food will make the dog fat quickly, and the nutrition is not balanced at the same time. The vast majority of cats have no interest in dog food at all, so the focus of homework can be on keeping dogs from eating cat food.

    6. Strict obedience training for dogs and enough room for cats. Your efforts will at least prevent them from hating each other. With a little bit of luck and hard work, you are likely to see the pure friendship between dogs and cats.

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