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    1. Variety. Cats and dogs also depend on breed. Many hounds are not suitable for keeping with cats. Dogs that have been trained to hunt, or have been used to race large dogs, are actually more dangerous to cats and are not suitable for breeding together. For example, Greyhound and damimachi. The breed of cats should also be carefully selected. It’s better not to keep those picky cats. This kind of training is more troublesome. If you have Siamese cats and other jealous cats, it’s hard to get along with them. Cats like jackdaws and puppet cats are easier to get along with dogs.
    2. Age. A good match is to match the puppy with the cat, the kitten with the dog. Of course, the best match is to match the kitten with the puppy. Kittens and adult dogs are easy to get along with each other. Generally, kittens are not shaped in character, so they are also confused. They match the dog’s easy-going character. If a puppy is matched to a cat, the result is almost the same, that is, after the character of the puppy is formed, it may be a little cat like. However, the attitude of adult cats towards puppies is always cold. Of course, it’s the best to keep kittens and puppies at the same time. So in the process of growing up, they will continue to be influenced by each other, and get used to each other’s small problems, mutual influence and understanding in character, which will make them get along more harmoniously.
    3. Understand. Let the cat know that the dog’s pursuit is harmless. Don’t let the cat see that you are good to the dog. The cat is jealous. Dogs like to imitate humans very much, so the owner should often touch the cat’s hair in front of the dog. When appropriate, he can pick up the dog’s paw and comb the cat’s hair. After repeated training, the dog will comb the cat’s hair. The cat itself enjoys being caressed, and the relationship between the two must be heated up.
    4. Separate feeding. Cats eat at a high place and dogs feed at a low place. The farther away the tableware is, the better. Cats and dogs must not put their cutlery together before they are fully familiar with it, because some little guys, out of their “food protection” mentality, treat the two pieces of food put together by their owners as their own, and the other side as an intruder. Therefore, both sides should keep their own independent restaurants.

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