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    Traction and recall are two important factors. Parks, streets and shopping malls are public places where dogs appear for a long time, especially some aunts and aunts will take their dogs to the park to chat. Then the contact between dogs is inevitable.
    If we also want to take our dogs for a walk in the park, we need to pay attention to the behavior and safety of dogs to avoid conflicts between dogs. In the park, don’t let your dog besiege the dogs entering the park. At the same time, don’t let your dog rush past like other dogs. Observe the response of other dogs to their dog’s greeting, and see if they show signs of fear or anxiety. No matter what, it’s necessary to put a leash on the dog. Don’t let your dog rob other dogs’ toys.
    If your dog often robs others’ toys, you must recall the dog in time and return the toys to the original owner. This requires owners to pay more attention to recall training. If the behavior of robbing toys can’t be improved all the time, then we can only lead our dogs and try not to contact those who are playing with toys. After all, this kind of behavior may make other dogs angry, so there is a conflict between the two. So it’s better to prepare relevant toys and provide them with their own toys after they are recalled. Dogs get along well in time, but they can’t play too hard. It’s also very common for one dog to be happy but another dog to be bullied, or for two dogs to be over excited and suddenly have a fight. To prevent this from happening, you need to call your dog and let it do something else before it plays too hard with other dogs.
    Try to keep the dog within his control and not allow his dog to be too aggressive. Some dogs may drive away other dogs playing in the park. For such behavior, the owner must stop criticism in time. You don’t want your own children to invade other people’s individual spaces; so you shouldn’t let your dog attack or run into people in the park. Although most people in the dog park like dogs, most people don’t like being hit or attacked by dogs. The primary reason for dogs to get into trouble in public places may be that the owners often chat with others and do not take good care of their dogs. In the period of our negligence, there may be a lot of small disputes. So the owner should watch the dog’s movements while chatting, and try to keep the dog within his control. What we need to do is teach our dogs to focus on interactive games with you, rather than finding people or dogs in the park to get in trouble. It is necessary to prevent dogs from getting into trouble and to ensure a high success rate. Otherwise, it may fail in certain circumstances.
    In addition, it’s necessary to wear a leash. Many owners think their dogs are cute, so even if they don’t pull, there won’t be any problem. Even if our dog is cute, we don’t know what other dogs are like. Once another dog comes to pick up something, most of his dogs won’t be silent, and then they will fight. Therefore, for the sake of dog safety, these two points must be done well.

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