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    For this society, time is money. All the people in the street are in a hurry. They are busy every day, so even if they have pets, they don’t have much time to accompany them. They spend more time alone than together. So how to make dogs learn how to be alone seems to be our concern, and how to make them live better when they are alone.

    In daily life, we should pay attention to the communication with dogs. When you go out, you can kindly tell it that you are going to leave and let it wait for you at home. Of course, after you come back, if your dog behaves skillfully and quietly, it must be rewarded and praised. You can play games with it or give it some food rewards. In addition, to let dogs learn to be alone, we should pay attention to the cultivation of self-confidence and stable and quiet character. When training, you can try to slowly extend the time away from the dog.

    Of course, as you leave, you can think of other ways to enrich your dog’s amateur life. For example, prepare some toys so that they can enjoy themselves. It’s very important for busy owners to learn how to be alone, but since we have them, we should take good care of them. We should try our best to take some time to accompany them so that they won’t be so lonely.

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