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    How to make dogs like dog food? It’s believed that many friends have a headache. The question “dogs don’t like dog food all the time”. What can we do? In fact, dogs don’t eat dog food, which is often caused by dog owners who love their dogs too much. If your dog doesn’t eat dog food, you can try the following methods:
    1. Do not spoil dogs regularly and quantitatively. Dogs don’t eat. In fact, most of the time, dogs compete with their owners for patience. Many puppies are very smart. They find that as soon as they refuse to eat, their pet dog owners will send delicious food to them. Once the dog finds that this works, you’re done: your dog will constantly threaten you with a refusal to eat. So what should we do? You can try the following methods: take 3 days as a cycle. First, starve the dog for one day, which only gives water, and the dog does not cry. The next day, give him a little dog food at noon, so that he can just eat 4-5 minutes full. OK, then hungry, wait for him to eat at noon on the third day, if not, continue to take away. On the 4th day, it returned to normal. If one round is OK, it’s good. If not, let the dog slow down for a few days, and then another round. After several times of training like this, you can see that your dog must be stronger than you used to be every day after a month, and you are not so tired.
    2. Don’t give snacks to dogs. Better dog food now has a complete nutrition formula. You dog owners should not worry about the dog’s malnutrition, and add food and nutrition to the dog. It’s delicious to eat all kinds of canned meat and delicious chicken snacks, but if you eat too many of these snacks, there will be two adverse consequences: 1. Nutrition is easy to be out of balance; 2. Delicious canned meat keeps the taste of dogs, and dogs will not like dog food since then.
    3. Don’t overfeed your dog at ordinary times. If the dog starts to pick food, first of all, the dog owner should not overfeed the dog at ordinary times, generally 8 points. A little hungry is better than full. Don’t worry, dogs are very hungry. According to the tests conducted by relevant personnel, the life span of a dog with 8 points of satiety is 1.5 times longer than that of a dog with 10% of satiety. So it doesn’t matter to keep your dog a little hungry at ordinary times, so the dog will always like to eat dog food.
    4. You can change different dog food eat one kind of dog food all the year round. In fact, dogs are easy to get bored. If the dog is tired of eating a kind of dog food for a long time, the dog owner can also change different dog food for the dog, which can not only improve the appetite of the dog, but also be conducive to the balance of nutrition. But I also want to remind you that dog food should not be changed too frequently, usually at least once every six months or a year.

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