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    1. If you are a dog lover, and when you see a very cute dog, you must want to touch it and hug it! Although you have a very warm heart, not all dogs will appreciate this face, so you need to expand your brain to find a way to approach him. Don’t touch a strange dog easily after dusk.

    2. Do not squat next to the dog. Try to lower your posture. Standing high in front of the dog will give it a sense of oppression, which is not conducive to further communication with the dog. For a small dog, you can squat on the ground to communicate with it, but for a large fierce dog, you must not squat or crisp beside it, because once the dog attacks you, you will not be able to avoid in time, the consequences are very serious.

    3. Your aura is very important. You don’t need to spend too much energy on a dog who is docile to his relatives. You just need to speak to him gently, touch him, and slightly tease him to complete the process of goodwill. Your thoughts and attitudes towards dogs will be perceived to dogs through your aura. Don’t think it’s a myth. It’s true.

    4. Don’t stare at the eyes of a dog or a man. Staring at the eyes of a dog is a provocative act, which will provoke the other person. So don’t look into the eyes of a dog who is unfamiliar with you and is wary of you.

    5. Wagging the tail does not mean that the dog’s thoughts of intimacy will be expressed through its actions. Generally speaking, when the dog is angry and attacking, it will shrug up, especially the hair on its shoulders, so that it looks larger than usual. In addition, the wagging of a dog’s tail is not always a sign of intimacy. The wagging of a dog’s tail is soft and gentle, while the wagging of a dog’s tail is stiff when it warns of an attack.

    6. How to deal with fierce dog. Do not approach it immediately. First, talk with its owner in his sight range, let him see that the owner is friendly to you. It should be noted that your body language must not be large, otherwise it will cause the dog’s alert. Don’t look him in the eye. Love him from the bottom of your heart. Let the dog feel that you are friendly and not threatening him. If the dog doesn’t stop barking at you, don’t yell or pretend to hit it. Don’t try to overpower it, but calm it down and communicate.

    7. Ask the owner of the dog. The dog may look friendly, but you don’t know what special taboos the dog has and where it can’t be touched. Ask the owner to see the character of the dog, and if there is a owner around, the dog will be a lot of peace.

    8. Observe the dog’s state. If the dog does not bark, jump, and the tail does not curl up between the legs. It means that the dog doesn’t resist you very much. Then put your hand behind the dog’s nose and show the dog your hand.

    9. Don’t clench your fist. Try to get close to the dog and let the dog smell your hand. If the dog looks at you and then moves his eyes away from the position of your hand, it means that the dog has put down his vigilance. You can open your hand and extend your fingers to touch the dog slowly. If there is still no sign of attack or avoidance, slowly put your hand under the dog’s jaw and gently stroke it. If you’ve done this successfully, you can put your hand on your back, or the dog’s head, and gently stroke the dog. Note: some dogs don’t like strangers touching their heads. There are also dogs that don’t like to be touched. Any growl, tail drop or sudden action signal, you need to stop what you are doing.

    10. Giving a dog a favorite snack or toy. It is very effective for a dog who likes to play and eat snacks. Try to tickle him with a snack or toy to distract him from focusing on snacks and toys. When the dog accepts what you give and has fun eating, it’s not difficult to be a friend with him.

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