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    For a healthy Samoa, our criteria for dogs are good mental state, normal appetite, no special diseases in the body, smooth and glossy hair. But if Samoye’s hair is not glossy, and the hair loss is serious, and the skin may be dry again, this time may also directly prove the physical condition of Samoye, and we should start to pay attention to the physical condition of Samoye.

    If the Samoye in the family is just ordinary hair without luster, the owner can first consider giving the Samoye food containing lecithin. Lecithin is a kind of natural nutritive substance. It was first extracted from egg yolk and found that it has high nutritive value. Why Samoye can be used for hair care mainly lies in the inositol phospholipid contained in it. Inositol is the basic substance for hair growth, which can promote the growth of healthy hair and prevent Samoye hair loss. At the same time, it contains other substances that work together to keep hair growth normal.

    Although lecithin can help Samoye hair grow well, it’s not a good thing to eat too much, because the best things can’t be too much. As long as the amount is too much, the good things will become bad, so parents should use it strictly according to the doctor’s advice. At the same time, when buying lecithin, you should also choose good products. You can’t buy Sanwu products at a low price. It will not only have no effect on Samoye hair, but also may cause harm to health.

    If the hair of Samoye becomes dull due to the disease of the body, it may be that the disease has been for some time, parents should send the problem to the pet hospital in time to avoid delay in treatment.

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