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    Good sleep is very important for dogs. If dogs do not sleep well, they may also have various problems, such as poor sleep of puppies will affect growth and development, poor sleep of adult dogs will lead to bad temper, etc. In order to let the dog sleep well, the owners might as well try the following methods.

    On the importance of a good nest. At the same time, according to the different seasons, the owner should make appropriate changes to the nest. For example, in summer, the owner can put an ice pad in the dog’s nest, so that the dog can stay cool in the summer. In addition, the owner should do a good job in cleaning the nest. If the nest is too messy, the dog may not put the nest in his eyes. On the importance of do not disturb dogs in sleep. In addition, the owner should also try to keep the environment quiet so that the dog can sleep more safely.

    On the importance of the owner. Whether the owner is around may also affect the dog’s sleep, for example, many puppies are used to sleeping around the owner, even if they have grown up, some dogs need to know that the owner is at home before they can sleep. It should be noted that although the owner is very important to the dog, the owner should not take the dog to bed for this reason.

    Other precautions In fact, there are many things that the owner needs to pay attention to in order to make the dog have a good sleep. You need to change the feeding method according to the actual situation. For example, when the dog moves to a new house, it may not sleep well because it does not feel safe in the new environment. The owner can put the dog’s nest where they can see the owner. When they can see the owner, they can It may be easier to fall asleep, and it may be helpful to put a coat with the owner’s smell in the dog’s Kennel!

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