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    With the sudden drop of temperature, many owners seem to have not made preparations. Some people think that Yorkshire is not afraid of cold animals, so there is no special preparation. Some people think that Yorkshire, like people, needs to add clothes in winter and shave in summer, so they do a lot of preparations. In fact, many people’s ideas are completely understandable, so Yorkshire is not afraid of cold? What are the performances when you are afraid of the cold?

    What’s Yorkshire’s performance when it’s afraid of cold?
    1. Shivering; 2. Curling up in a corner; 3. Waiting in a warm place; 4. Not willing to pay attention to when calling it;

    How to keep Yorkshire warm in winter?
    1. Adding clothes is the simplest one, but Yorkshire is a long haired dog, and it’s easy to knot when wearing clothes, of course If you comb it every day, you don’t have to worry about knots.

    2. If your Yorkshire seldom goes out, you need to make sure that the temperature at home is not too low. You can choose air conditioning or small sun heater.

    3. The best food for Yorkshire in winter is hot food. Of course, warm water is the best water to drink. Glucose can also be added to the water.

    4. Prepare a proper size dog kennel for it. Put a hot water bag, warm baby stickers or electric blankets and other warm keeping tools in the kennel. It should be noted that when using these warm keeping tools, Yorkshire’s life safety must be guaranteed.

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