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    We must not let dogs go too crazy to public places. We must not let dogs act as recklessly as at home. After all, this is not our private territory, so we must take care of the feelings of other people. Good dog management is not only a respect for oneself but also for others.

    How to manage dogs in public?

    What should be done well
    1. Dogs are not allowed to rob other people’s toys. Other owners of dogs may use toys to make dogs quiet, but our dogs may be interested in seeing these novel toys, so as to rob toys. Dogs have a certain sense of protection. If dogs rob toys, there may be conflicts between the two dogs. There may also be disputes between owners, so pay attention to this problem.
    2. Don’t make dogs too crazy. When dogs and other dogs have a good time, they should be observed nearby. Don’t make them play too hard. The excited state may suddenly quarrel, so when they are very fierce, they should be pulled away to do other things.
    3. Don’t let the dog be too domineering. Don’t let your dog be too domineering. Some dogs will drive other dogs away. This is incorrect behavior. You must correct it quickly, and don’t let it collide with strangers or have aggressive behaviors. These need to be corrected immediately.
    4. Try to keep the dog close to you. If it’s in a restaurant, it’s better not to let the dog walk by himself. First of all, it is to prevent other strangers from feeding the dog food that can’t be eaten. In addition, there are many people in the restaurant. Some friends who like dogs will touch the dog, but the dog may be nervous at this time, so there will be a problem of biting. So try to keep your dog by your side on this occasion.

    Reasons for avoiding dog biting:
    1 timidity: For naturally timid dogs, fear is easy to occur for many things, some will hide because of fear, some will attack because of fear, take them out for a walk, contact with people or things outside more, so as to reduce biting Human condition.
    2. Food protection: Food is a very precious thing for dogs, so it is very possible for dogs to bite in order to protect food. Some dogs are not allowed to be disturbed when eating, and can be improved through training, or pay attention not to beat them when eating.
    3. Physical discomfort: Many disease problems can’t be seen by the naked eye, but the pain will make the dog feel very uncomfortable and have a bad temper. So if the dog has certain discomfort, try not to let them go to the place with many people, just go back after a while.

    Avoid dogs barking at random. Some dogs bark because they are a little bit pretentious. In fact, they are timid, so they want to frighten each other by roaring, but they are not sure whether the other will be scared away. This situation mostly happens to small dogs, which are used to frighten the behavior of dogs several times larger than them. However, the dog’s incessant barking will definitely make noise to others, so try to avoid this problem in public. If the dog is afraid, the owner will try to appease the dog.

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