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    Massage can help relieve the dog’s tension. Like us, dogs can also have stressful and emotional situations. To solve this problem, besides keeping them in a quiet environment for a while, it is also a good choice to give them a massage. Proper massage can help the dog’s muscles relax, and the tension can also be relieved.

    The benefits of massage for dogs
    1. Tension can be relieved: use the way of touch to relax the nervous system. Gently lay your palm on the dog’s head or neck, gently stroke the tail along the ridge, and repeat slowly many times. If your dog likes this massage, you can gradually increase the force. After the massage, place one hand under the dog’s head and the other under the pelvis. These two parts control the ridge and medullary nerves that rest and relax the body’s response.
    2. Promote the dog’s blood circulation: massage helps to expand blood vessels and improve blood circulation. By strengthening blood flow, more toxins that may make dogs sick can be expelled from the body.
    3. Relax the dog’s muscles: if the dog’s muscles are in a state of tension for a long time, it will have a certain impact on its standing and running. Because there is less blood flowing to the muscle, it is more likely to feel tense, stiff, and even painful. Massage can relieve tension and contraction of muscles, reduce pain and make dogs more flexible.
    4. Relieve joint stiffness and pain: in a short period of time, let dogs consume too much physical strength, or older dogs, will lead to joint and muscle stiffness. To help the dog relieve joint stiffness and soreness, first touch the joint to warm the joint tissue, then cover the joint with your hands and apply gentle pressure.

    Massage method:
    1. Massage the head circle: mainly use the back of the hand and the joint of the fingers to massage the dog’s head.
    2. Finger kneading: first, follow the ridge block to the tail, gently grasp the fur, and repeat the action to the upper end of the hip. Massage time does not need to be too long
    3. Hand circle rubbing: the palms of both hands follow the side of the ridge, and at the same time, draw a circle outside. At the end of the circle, gently push and press the flesh. Repeat the massage to the side of the thigh, then exchange the other side and repeat the above actions.
    4. Palm pushing and finger pressing mode: the palms of both hands move along the side of the crista vertebrae, and move down the abdomen at the same time, and then gently grasp the skin of the abdomen.
    5. Back vertebra massage: place the palms of both hands on the two sides of vertebra, and then slide gently and smoothly from the neck to the tail for several times.
    6. Chest and abdomen shallow massage: when massaging the right side of the dog, feeding is mainly on the left side. Left hand from the back of the right ear, along the front chest block down to the armpit of the front foot does not put, right hand and then the left hand to move forward the upper side of the limb massage. Lengthen the distance again, slide the right hand over the lower abdomen without moving the left hand, and then extend from the upper part of the waist. This movement is very helpful for gastrointestinal discomfort. Massage plays a moderating role, so the massage time does not need to be too long. Generally speaking, the massage time of 15-20 minutes is almost the same. When massaging, observe the dog’s reaction to see if the dog will have pain reaction. If you are sure that your strength is not very big, it is likely that the dog’s body has pathological changes. Take the dog to check accordingly as soon as possible.

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