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    Generally speaking, rectal temperature is the best place to reflect the dog’s body temperature before using the thermometer. However, many owners do not measure the rectal temperature when they measure the dog’s body temperature, but the temperature between the dog’s legs. Such a measurement is difficult to truly and effectively reflect the dog’s normal temperature.

    The animal thermometer used to measure dog’s body temperature is a special glass rod thermometer, which has a small inner diameter and is not easy to drop when the mercury column rises, but is kept at the corresponding scale of the measured body temperature for reading. Before measuring body temperature, shake the mercury in the thermometer to below 35 degC, and then disinfect it with alcohol. After that, the dog will be kept in peace. Then the left hand will lift the dog’s tail (which hand to use according to personal habits) and place it on the hip for fixation. The right thumb and index finger will hold a thermometer. First, use a thermometer to contact the anal skin to avoid the dog’s disturbance. Then insert the thermometer into the dog’s rectum by rotating it slightly upward and forward. Clamp the clip fixed at the back of the thermometer to the coat of the tail, and put the tail down. After 3-5 minutes, take out the thermometer, wipe the dirt off the thermometer with alcohol cotton ball, and then observe the scale on the mercury column. After the test, the mercury column should be dropped, and then the thermometer should be in the disinfectant solution.

    The depth of thermometer insertion should be moderate. When measuring body temperature, the following points should be paid attention to: if the newly purchased thermometer should be corrected before use, it should be placed in 35-40 degC warm water generally, and compared with the corrected thermometer to see if there is a large deviation. If the deviation is large, it is not recommended to use it. If a dog has had violent exercise such as running before, it can’t be measured directly. The dog should be allowed to rest for a period of time before taking measurements, otherwise the temperature of the dog is bound to be on the high side. When measuring the temperature, ensure the safety of dogs and people. Insert the thermometer at a proper depth, not too deep or too shallow. Too deep is easy to damage the rectum mucosa of dogs. If it is too shallow, it will affect the accuracy. If the dog has feces in the rectum, the dog should be defecated first. If there is too much feces, it will also have a certain impact on the measurement results.

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